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(Supergeek Warning) I need some help finding some unusual PC parts...

Okay. I've decided that my next project computer-wise is to build myself a new DOS machine.

New. DOS. Yes, I know what I'm saying.
Basically, I want a DOS gaming computer that will let me play old games plugged in to the TV.
I'm going to have a method of going from VGA to S-Video or Composite, so that part isn't a problem.

There are two major problems. Well, three problems total, but one isn't too major.

1) Processor speed. I want as slow of a processor as possible. Like, 100 MHz would be awesome. Anything 400 MHz and below is my goal though. This would probably end up being done by underclocking. Why not use old processors instead? Easy....
2) I want a small case. SMALL. Like smaller than a PS2 (original) small. Because there weren't really any desktop computers that were that small at that speed, this is a huge problem. But wait! Couldn't you use a laptop...
3) Soundblaster soundcard. Well, more specifically, one that makes DOS think it is a sound blaster - which is impossible to my knowledge on a laptop (DOS doesn't see PCMCIA sound cards).

So, by itself, each are easy (especially 3). Combine #3 and #2, and you have a big problem (no old laptops). Combine #1 and #2 and you have a big problem (no old desktops). Combine all three and you have what I'm trying to do.

I'm willing to spend up to 200 USD on this, as I can still use the computer as a media computer for playing videos and such, and it would still work fine for newer games as well (just reclock to normal speed and boot into Windows). All I would need is processor, motherboard, and sound card.

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