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spoonpc's Journal

SPOON!'s PC Information
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Welcome to my little PC Information community. I'm the moderator and creator of the community, aetherspoon.

Basically, every so often (once a day is my idea, probably won't be updated EVERY day just because of my laziness) I'll post some useful information about computers, ranging from the simple things that can help any computer user who could use a bit of help with computers to the more complicated things that even the most knowledgeable of people might not know.

At the moment, I'm the only one with posting access. Probably would stay this way for awhile at least.

I'm putting all of the entries into the memories so someone can easily look up some info on a particular subject.

Note: Some things may not be 100% correct in this. I'll try my hardest to be right, but I'm still humanish, thus I'm fallible. If you can prove that I was wrong on something, say it nicely in the comments and I'll fix it - simple as that. :)

If you have any questions, feel free to post in one of the entries and I or someone else will get back to you!